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We warmly welcome you to our 16th Annual Christmas page! Please send photos of your Shilohs, non-Shilohs, other critters, and beautiful children, decked out for Christmas,  to the email address below.  We will be updating the page throughout the Holidays. Enjoy... and Merry Christmas to all!

December 12, 2017
2017 Christmas pictures of our girls...
in their Christmas bandanas!
Tova (Oatka's Blaze-Odin 2010)
Jan / Prince Edward Island
Cherry (Miracle's Tova-Bozley 2014)
Jan / Prince Edward Island
Piper (Miracle's Tova-Apollo 2015)
Jan / Prince Edward Island
Dagmar (Miracle's Cherry-Johann 2017)
Jan / Prince Edward Island
Added Since Last Time:

Jersey (Miracle's Nellie-Bruno 2010) & Draven (Miracle's Hanna-Denver 2007)
Deb & Troy / Texas

Loki (Miracle's Tova-Maximus 2013)
Andy & Audrey / Prince Edward Island

Nola (MIracle's Hanna-Denver 2007) & The Nutcracker!
Chris & Kathy / Alberta

Jesse James (Miracle's Lily-Denver 2006)
Betty / Prince Edward Island

Indie (MIracle's Margaux-Bozley 2014)
Liz & Don / Nova Scotia

Maple (Phenom's Lani-Capone 2015)
Leanna & Guy / Ontario

Gambit (Miracle's Tova-Bozley 2014)
Steph & Jeff / Maine

Loreen / Florida

Havok (Fair Wind's Ivy-Maxx 2017)
Steph & Jeff / Maine

Betty / Prince Edward Island

Lyla (Miracle's Margaux-Bozley 2012)
Deb / Florida

Ozzy (Xanadu's Breeze-Midas 2007)
Terry & Buddy / Virginia

Betty / Prince Edward Island

Colter (Miracle's Mabel-Denver 2009) with Kelchi & Mingo
Peggy / Minnesota

Totem (Miracle's Tova-Johann 2015)
Charlotte / North Carolina

Gage (Miracle's Mabel-Bruno 2010)
Stacey & Chris, Kennedi, Garrett and Sadie / Labrador

Lyla (Miracle's Margaux-Bozley 2012)
Deb / Florida

Ellah Rae (Sunshine's Pearl-Tucker 2017)
Deb / Florida

Jen & Mark / Prince Edward Island
(Photo Credit to Cherryl Perry Potography)

Evan by the Christmas Tree
Jaimie & Jason, Evan and Brandon / Maine

Mayhem, Morton & Merah
Jill / Prince Edward Island

Nola (Miracle's Hanna-Denver 2007)
Chris & Kathy / Alberta
Our Current Musical Selection is:
"White Christmas" by Bing Crosby


Beware of backyard breeders selling unregistered Shiloh Shepherds, from parents who have not been health tested and who are not registered as breedable, "just for pets."

There are many unscrupulous people out there who care nothing about improving this breed, or maintaining health and temperament, and only want to make money.

When considering a puppy, don't hesitate to ask the breeder for copies of health clearances, DNA, and registration paperwork for the sire and dam.

It is your right to be provided with this information!

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