We sell all of our puppies for the same price, regardless of gender.

Additional charges will apply when we keep puppies beyond 8 weeks of age.

All of our puppies are covered by the same basic Guarantee.

  Our puppies go out on our standard non-breeding (i.e., spay/neuter) contract.

We do not typically sell puppies on show/breed, co-ownership, or upgrade contracts.

If you are interested in acquiring a show/breed puppy from us, please indicate this when you contact us, so we can discuss your options on an individual basis. Any enhancements to our standard contract must be specified - and agreed upon in writing - before your puppy goes home with you.


To reserve a Miracle Shiloh puppy from one of our Upcoming Litters please send:


Your completed Puppy Application Form and




$200 non-refundable deposit, Canadian or American funds, payable to Jan DiAngelo

  Contact Us for instructions about how to send your application and deposit!

Once your first choice litter is born, and we know that it contains “your” puppy, we might ask you for an additional deposit.

If you made a reservation/placed a deposit on a puppy and the selected dam does not conceive, or the litter does not contain the selection you picked, we will:

  Refund your deposit; or
  Move your reservation to the next breeding of the same dam; or
  Provide a mutually agreed-upon puppy from another litter.
  Deposits are not refundable if you change your mind, or choose another breeder.

WE DO!!!

Our decision is based on:

(1) temperament
(2) conformation
(3) your preference

  If you have questions, please call (902-213-5895) or Send Us An Email!


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