GV bCH Odin's Beautiful Thunder of O'atka,
CGN, OFA, ROM "Tova"

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Tova came to us from O'atka Shilohs in New York.

Tova's name is from an Old Norse variant of Tove, which means beautiful thunder.

Not only is Tova beautiful, but she has a sweet and gentle personality. She is easy to live with, and is treasured by all!

As a part of our breeding program, Tova had four beautiful litters:

* 11 Puppies by Maximus (2013)
* 8 Puppies by Bozley (2014)
* 8 Puppies by Johann [7] & Apollo [1] (2015)
* 1 Puppy by Bozley (2015)

Through the achievements of her offspring, Tova's garnered enough points to earn a spot in the Breed's prestigious Registry of Merit!

Tova is Breed Champion.  She was also the WSSBA's Grand Victrix for 2014 and 2016!

After making a significant contribution to our breeding program, Tova was retired in April 2017.

At the 2019 Maritime Specialty, Tova moved around the show ring like the Champion she is, winning Best Veteran & Best Progeny!



Color: Gold Sable Plush
Born: May 15, 2010
Dam: JnL Oatka's Blaze of Light, PENN (Blaze)
Sire: NS bCH iCanCH Glorious Sir Odin of Phenom, HIC, OFA (Odin)
Height: 27 Inches   Weight: 105 Pounds
WSSBA Registration Number: W13006
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